Vizag Urban Wildlife

​ Threats to urban ecosystems due to rapid urbanisation

It's a common misconception that wildlife exists only in forested areas away from cities and towns. Even the densest of cities have wild animals. Industrialisation, indiscriminate construction of buildings, quarrying of hills, increased pollution levels, deforestation, lack of awareness among urban and rural population, unchecked poaching, domestic and invasive species have taken a major toll on the survival of native flora and fauna of Visakhapatnam in the recent years.

Threats to urban ecosystems due to rapid urbanisation

  • Habitat loss and fragmentation
  • Environmental pollution
  • Invasive species
  • Scarcity of food due to changes in resource composition
  • Disease due to interaction with domestic animals
  • Behaviour responses due to anthropogenic development resulting in low reproductive rates
  • Affects of meso-predator population rise due to local extinction of top carnivores

Activities proposed to be carried out in this project:

  • Understanding the urban ecosystem
  • Assessing the impacts of urbanisation on native wildlife
  • Understanding the land use patterns and exploring corridor connectivity
  • Mitigating human-wildlife conflicts
  • Studying road kill ecology
  • Bio-diversity surveys to assess species richness
  • Promoting awareness through environmental education programs, organising group visits to wilderness areas, school outreach programs, community education, etc.
  • Publication of findings in the forms of scientific articles, booklets and field guides.